Organic cotton is a cellulose fiber that's grown without using any pesticides or harmful chemicals. Non-organic cotton is said to use 25% of the world’s insecticides and more than 10% of the world’s pesticides, a lot of which end up in our water supply at some point of the garment's lifespan. We ♡ that cotton naturally biodegrades but if it isn't organic, these carcinogenic toxins leak back into the earth as it breaks down, not to mention into your skin as you wear it. Our organic cotton is blended with a small amount of lycra, which is a higher quality and more sustainable form of spandex, that helps it to hug and support you all day long without bagging out. We produce all of our fabric in Los Angeles under strict environmental regulations that ensure the whole process doesn't harm the employees or the planet.



We love using natural plant-based dyes when we can, but for the most part we use a local dye house in Los Angeles that's served for over 25 years. California prohibits the use of undeclared harmful chemicals so there's no mystery substances like formaldehyde creeping it's way into your closet. This also guarantees that any runoff is clean and safe. 



Plastic free is the way to be! Our products ship directly from our design studio in Los Angeles in 100% recycled Kraft mailers with recycled hang tags and recycled paper shipping labels. Each order also comes with a USA made cotton baggie that's perfect for keeping your BASAL undies in. All of our packaging is biodegradable and recyclable so however you choose to dispose, the Earth will be happy.